TESTIMONY. “My marriage proposal is visible on Google Earth”

At the entrance to Hüttenberg, a village of 10,000 inhabitants 60 km north of Frankfurt, we come across the straw sculptures of two newlyweds named Steffen and Katharina. The wedding took place on June 6, 2020, but the sculptures are still there. Why ? Because the originality of their marriage proposal made these two spouses famous. It all started in April. As every year in this period, Steffen Schwarz, a 32-year-old domotized seedling specialist, has just completed the maize maze in Eberstadt, Baden-Württemberg, which is a delight for children in the region.

Steffen learned to use computers to automate the actions of a tractor. This technique allows you to draw, then sow or trim parts of a field with precision. “I had wanted to ask for the hand of my girlfriend for some time, who has shared my life for five years. The realization of the labyrinth gave me an idea. I thought to myself that I could use the same technique to make a request. original marriage, ”explains this part-time but romantic full-time farmer.

So that his sweetheart could read his statement from the sky, he used a drone

It turns out that one of the fields Steffen is taking care of, a 2 hectare cornfield, needs to be pruned this early spring … This will be the parchment of his statement to Katharina. It would take him long hours of work to model the lettering on his computer. But this lover is patient … and determined! Once he has come to terms with this unusual program, he integrates it into the on-board system of his tractor. Our big-hearted farmer then took action and managed to write: “Do you want to marry me?” in the middle of the field.

On April 30, 2020, he moved to phase two. So that his dear and tender discovers that love is in the meadow, Steffen uses the drone he uses to monitor his fields. When Katharina returns from the bank where she works, her lover takes the drone off over the field and adjusts the camera to her statement. When his sweetheart arrives, our gentleman-farmer pretends to be focused on an intrusion of wild boars and calls his beauty.

The statement in the cornfield was picked up by Google planes by chance

“At first, remembers the young woman, still moved by the ingenuity of her lover, I could not see what was written. The drone was not flying high enough. When I finally saw it, I said “Yes” immediately! ” Two weeks later, the field was captured by Google planes and the marriage proposal found its way to Google Earth a few days before the ceremony. “Kind of a gift from heaven, right?” Steffen concludes with a smile. What to say that the future of their couple looks … cloudless!


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