That each family member gets along with his spouse or partner is the dream of many. However, despite the compromises and attempts, some ties are difficult to forge or, worse, tend towards total disagreement.

A man online anonymously confided in New York Post adviser Abby about his little sister’s hatred of his fiancée. Lamenting these feelings, he is all the more surprised that his sister does not want to tell him the reason.

high school sweetheart

“My little sister and I got along very well when we were children” wrote the confused man. “We played a lot together and even when we made new friends and developed different interests, we promised each other to always support each other,” he confided. In high school, the man befriends a girl. Eventually, their friendship evolves into a romantic relationship.

A sudden change in behavior

“My whole family adored him, including my sister,” he noted. After nine years together, the couple got engaged. “But now my sister has become hostile towards us,” he said. “She never let it be known that she didn’t love my fiancée before and no one in our family can find out why,” he added. “My mother wants her to come to our wedding but with this change in behavior, I am not comfortable with this idea” he continued, wondering “Did I do something wrong? Should I ask him to get to the bottom of things? “.

An open-hearted discussion

In her response, Abby, the magazine’s incumbent adviser, agreed, indicating that it would indeed be justified to have a real sibling exchange in private. “She may be afraid of losing the close relationship she has had with you for all these years,” she said. “If that’s the case, maybe you can reassure her. If it’s something else she might be reluctant to discuss in the presence of other family members, talking one-on-one will increase your chances of getting her to reveal what’s bothering her. .

TESTIMONY My little sister hates my fiancée but refuses to tell me why


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