Danielle Reid has made a sad discovery. While she feared losing her leg in the hospital, her husband Karl sent nudes to his mistress.

It all started in 2011 between Danielle and Karl Reid, from Bradford in England. They met in the bar where the young woman worked. After exchanging their respective phone numbers, they started dating. Four years later, the lovebirds got married and had two children, Amber and Michael. Despite the ups and downs, the couple was fulfilled and even considered expanding their family. Things changed when the Briton injured her knee in October 2019. At the time, her husband didn’t care much about her health because he already had another woman in mind…

“I needed Karl to be my rock but he wouldn’t even offer me a coffee,” Danielle told the Daily Mail. Hospitalized because of an infection, the 30-year-old learned that she had the onset of sepsis and that she risked amputation. After seven hours on a drip, the young woman was relieved to know that her leg was finally saved. Back home, her companion Karl continued to be distant. One day, she asked him to show her his smartphone and discovered that her husband was cheating on her. The latter had sent nudes of him to another woman.

An inevitable divorce

At first, Karl tried to deny his infidelity by claiming that the risque snaps were meant for Danielle. He then confessed the truth. After a separation of several weeks, the young woman realized that her husband had sent her photos during his stay in the hospital. Worse still, the man had also offered himself a walk with his mistress at the same time, as demonstrated by his geolocation history. In February 2020, the couple tried to get back together by going to therapy, but the mother of the family discovered that her companion was still in contact with the other woman. She filed for divorce. Asked in turn, Karl said he had sent his nudes to “joke”.


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