Shelley Hunt and Peter Verge, from Penticton, Canada, live in a large house with their five children, whom they had separately. But paradoxically, these two lovers also live on their own. An unusual situation that perfectly suits this blended family… decomposed. The couple has been cooing together for three good years now. But just a year into their relationship, they decided to buy a house together.

“We were both looking to buy property when we met. After a year we felt good about our relationship, so it made financial sense to buy together,” says Shelley, who at 38 , is a project manager in an NGO. “But for everything to go as well as possible, we nevertheless wanted to maintain a certain separation for our children, and thus have the possibility of a family life specific to each of our respective cells”, adds Peter. So they got organized.

“I live upstairs with my 3 children and Shelley is downstairs with his 2”

Shelley has taken possession of the ground floor of the house with her two children, Elias, 13, and Leyland, 10, from a previous marriage, while Peter occupies the first floor with his three toddlers, Ellie, 9 years old, Carter, 6 years old, and Sophie, 4 years old, also from a previous union. A family dynamic that has not failed to arouse the curiosity of the 6 million people who have watched their TikTok video.

“I live upstairs, have three bedrooms for me and my three kids, and Shelley is downstairs with her two. We have our own entrances, there’s a door that locks between both I pay 58% of everything, Shelley 42% because we based it on our square footage, so I’m in charge of my space, I cook, I clean, and the same goes for Shelley down”, explains, on the social network, Peter, 40 years old and business manager.

“Children get along well because they have space”

“Our spaces are really separate, so we have our own bedrooms, complete Shelley. But since we have shared custody of our five children at the same time and therefore have all five or none of them, when they are not there, we open the door and, strangely, we sleep in my room, but we use Peter’s living space because it’s cooler there.” According to both parents, this organization is perfectly suited to the children, who fully experience this situation.

“We think the children get along well because they have space, and at the same time they feel like family, they call each other half-siblings on their own initiative, we don’t have them imposed this vocabulary,” says the young woman, smiling. “We spend all our holidays and our birthdays together, and we have dinner two evenings a week all together. And we are perfectly happy like that,” she adds, beaming.

Shelley Hunt and Peter Verge © INSTAGRAM SHELLHUNTFUL

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