At the beginning of September, Amanda Isobel lost her husband, Sebastian Wicker, in horrific circumstances. The 40-year-old was in Mozambique, Africa, when he was bitten by a poisonous snake while on safari. According to information reported by the Daily Record, the forties was a territorial agent. He looked after 650,000 hectares of land in an area that extended to the Zambezi delta and was home to large mammals such as bison, rhinos, lions and leopards. A terrible tragedy which occurs when the father of the family was to settle in Fort William, Scotland, with his wife and their son, Oskar, 2 years old, in December.

Shortly after his bite, Sebastian sent a final voicemail to Amanda. In it, he told her how much he loved her. “You can hear him lose consciousness. I answered him but he never opened my message” confided the mother to the newspaper. Six hours later, the forty-something is unfortunately dead: “One of his colleagues called me in tears to announce his death. I burst into tears. It’s always a shock. Sebastian had already been attacked by a bison in the past but a snakebite like this is unheard of. It’s the first time it’s happened in 30 years. I think it was a cobra of the forests or a black mamba.”

“It was a horrible way to die”

After being given anti-venom, Sebastian was taken to hospital in Marromeu. But when he arrived, the establishment had run out of doses. The father of the family was then evacuated by helicopter to the private clinic in Beira, but it was already too late. “His death was very painful, he had to be given morphine. He was vomiting a lot and had trouble breathing at the end. His tongue was swollen. It was a horrible way to die. It’s hard to imagine how much he suffered. It hurts to think back on it,” Amanda confessed. The young woman decided to pursue their dream of settling in Scotland. In particular, she planned to scatter her husband’s ashes in the village of Glencoe.

TESTIMONY My husband left me one last voicemail before dying of a snakebite


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