As a mom, Tiffany* has always had trouble dating. But everything changed when she met Mark*. At the time, she felt like she had hit the jackpot. And for good reason, the man was ready to raise his 3-year-old daughter like his own, and to build a family. “My life was perfect. In 2010, I had a boy with my husband. My life was complete. I had two children. A great husband. A house. A car. A good job. Life was good” has thus told the forties on the Reddit forum. She was far from imagining that this pretty dream was going to turn into a nightmare.

Tiffany fell in love when Mark* suddenly filed for divorce for a terrible reason: “He told me he was now in a relationship with my 18-year-old daughter and that he was leaving me for her. I couldn’t I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t understand. I was destroyed, furious, disgusted and mad with rage – every feeling possible and unimaginable.” The mother of the family was completely devastated. Especially since his eldest didn’t blame herself at all: “She doesn’t see how it’s bad or disgusting. She doesn’t have anything to do with me. He doesn’t see where the problem is either. , of course. But my own daughter? That’s crazy.”

Her ex-husband and daughter start a family

A year later, Tiffany learned that Mark and his daughter were to become parents. She quickly cut ties. A difficult situation for his 10-year-old child, who no longer sees his sister or his father: “My son has a lot of trouble understanding why they left, I didn’t tell him the truth.” Four years later, the couple welcomed a second baby: “She now has two children with my ex-husband. The man who raised her as his own daughter… His children are my grandchildren and the half- my son’s brothers and sisters. It’s twisted. I still haven’t gotten over it. I don’t know how to do it. I just want to move on.”

*Names have been changed.

TESTIMONY My husband left me for my 18 year old daughter


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