Fiona (assumed name) is currently at an impasse because her husband is jealous of her professional success. It all started when he quit his job to become a real estate agent. “The box he joined offered little training and he had no office skills,” she explained in a letter sent to Abby, the New York Post’s official adviser. And to add that at the time, they came close to bankruptcy. Her husband then asked her to obtain a license in the same sector to help him. After graduating, her husband finally accepted a position at his former company. During this time, the young woman made a name for herself in the real estate landscape.

“I sold goods in addition to my work and I had a lot of success” admits Fiona. And to clarify: “Although I am introverted, I am a hard worker and my business is growing. People are looking to contact me.” A professional success that her husband strongly dislikes: “When I sell a house, he sulks or seeks conflict. He hates going to business dinners or training with our company. If I leave without him, he barely speaks to me the next day.” A complicated situation to manage for the young woman: “I really like real estate. I love showing houses and creating a network with other agents. The extra income has really helped me. I don’t know what TO DO.”

Professional success that shouldn’t be a problem

For Abby, Fiona’s boyfriend is most certainly hurt in his ego: “Your husband may be jealous because you have surpassed him in his dream job.” More categorical than ever, the expert encourages the young woman not to flinch in front of the attitude of her spouse: “Continue like this and don’t let his behavior depreciate you.” The specialist concludes by inviting the couple to seek outside support: “Nothing you have described is healthy for the future of your marriage. I hope that a licensed marriage and family therapist can help you through this. difficult times. Please do not reschedule your appointments. Without this support, things will not change.”

TESTIMONY My husband is jealous of my professional success


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