A young mum has shared her dismay on Reddit after her husband asked her to cover up to breastfeed their baby.

As we know, breastfeeding in public remains a controversial subject. Opinions are also divided. While some people see absolutely no problem with it, others are completely resistant to it. Nina* notably paid the price for her own husband’s judgment. The young mother told what happened on the Reddit forum. She was at her in-laws when she had engorgement. To prevent the milk from squirting everywhere, she hastened to breastfeed her baby: “I sat on the sofa in the living room. I put a blanket over me but she took it off partly because It’s a baby.” Results ? Part of his chest was visible.

“However, I was sitting behind a big pile of clothes so no one could really see me,” she said. A situation that did not please her husband at all: “He came to see me, told me that there were children and that I should cover myself.” Annoyed by his request, the mother asked him to leave her alone. Back home, the husband told her that he was not comfortable when she nursed their child in public. Her blood boiled over: “Not only is he not supporting me when I am the ONLY one dealing with the weight of breastfeeding, but he is also humiliating me? I’m furious! I find this indelicate and selfish of him.”

Internet users criticize the attitude of the husband

In the aftermath, Nina asked the Web if she had overreacted. Most Internet users took his side by criticizing the reaction of his half. “Your husband is unsupportive and unkind. Instead, I will throw a blanket in his face every time he eats telling him he is embarrassing you,” the caption read. Another forum member also joked that if her husband was uncomfortable with breastfeeding, he should do it for her. It’s unclear how this story ended but there’s no doubt that the mother was delighted with the support received.

*Name has been changed.

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