Outraged, a mom-to-be explained online that her husband wants their baby to be “nothing like him”. Hurt by his words, the latter nevertheless claims that his remark was actually a joke…

A pregnant woman has slammed her husband after his speech at their future child’s gender reveal party. In the latter, he joked that he hoped their child “was nothing like” his wife.

In a lengthy post on a Reddit forum, the mom-to-be said she was already feeling anxious about the party because she ‘doesn’t like being around a lot of people’, but was stunned when her husband stood up to make that toast, making that disrespectful comment about her and their baby.

A fun little celebration

“I married my husband three years ago. I am currently pregnant with our first baby. We found out it was going to be a girl and my in-laws wanted to take us out to dinner to announce the gender of our child,” he wrote. she preambles: “We arrived there and many parents came to congratulate us and celebrate. It was bigger than expected, which made me nervous because I don’t like to be surrounded by a lot of people. Once at the table, her anxiety increases to such an extent that she does not take advantage of the meal “I was a little upset that my husband had not informed me of the number of people present, but I tried to stay calm and serene,” she said. Things get out of hand after the announcement. In the middle of the evening, her husband gets up to make a toast. “He opened a bottle and poured himself a drink and wished our daughter was ‘healthy, happy, but nothing like me’.

A joke that does not pass

“Everyone at the table laughed,” she noted. Except one person… “I sat there in shock while he continued to laugh with them,” she explained. “I felt so much rage, my anxiety got out of control. I got up, took my bag and left. Faced with his hasty departure, his mother followed him “She asked me if I was okay. I told him that I just wanted to go home”. Her husband tries to stop her, questioning her in turn. She explains to him that his joke was not in good taste. This is not the first time that his partner has made this kind of speech…

A blatant lack of respect

“The thing is, since I got pregnant, he’s often hinted that he doesn’t want our daughter to look like me,” she said, “He even got up once in the morning and the first thing he told me was how much he wished our daughter didn’t look like me. It hurt me as I already deal with low self-esteem and anxiety.” Faced with the reaction of his wife, the tone changes “He said that I was a baby and that I should laugh at a joke” she indicated. “I replied that he had made everyone laugh, but he said defensively that that did not justify me leaving dinner and being so disrespectful to the loved ones who came to celebrate and share our joy.” In the comments, users agreed with the mom-to-be, saying she was right to feel offended by her hubby’s “joke,” with one noting “Drop it. Divorce before your child sets foot on this earth. He was wrong to treat you like that. Disgusting behavior” and a second said “It was not a joke, it was an insult. You deserve someone who loves you and knows how to respect you”.


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