Amelia Louise Townson experienced a terrible tragedy: her husband died by her side, in her sleep. Marked by the tragic disappearance of their father, her children now want to sleep with her.

Amelia Louise Townson saw her life change in May 2021 when her husband Damien Jones died overnight. That evening, the two parents watched a movie in bed with their two children before the whole family fell asleep in the large parental bed. “He was in a good mood and he told me he loved me before he fell asleep,” she told The Sun. The next morning, the young woman found her husband unconscious by her side: “I started giving him a cardiac massage, telling him to wake up. The children watched while I tried to resuscitate him for almost 20 minutes, while we waited for the ambulance. It was horrible for them.”

When the emergency doctors arrived on the scene, they unfortunately pronounced Damien dead, at the age of 30. Amelia had to say goodbye to the man who shared her life for 9 years. Two days before the tragedy, the latter had nevertheless gone to the hospital for respiratory problems. Doctors sent him home saying he just had a muscle injury: “Damien suffered from epilepsy but he used sport to get better and it helped him a lot.” A month after his disappearance, the father of the family was buried alongside his daughter Ava-May, who died at birth in June 2014.

Her children want to sleep with her

But what really happened? According to the autopsy unveiled in February 2022, Damien died of cardiac arrhythmia and atherosclerosis, the narrowing (stenosis) of a coronary artery which can lead to a heart attack. Today, Amelia has to deal with the trauma of her little ones who never leave her: “Since Damien’s death, the children have insisted on sleeping with me because they are afraid that the same thing will happen to me. than their father at night. My boy is only 6 years old but he already feels the responsibility to protect me and it breaks my heart.” A GoFundMe page was opened by a family friend to help the young mother after this painful loss.

TESTIMONY My husband died in his sleep since my children want to sleep with me so that it doesn't happen to me too ©

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