In any relationship, infidelities are hard to deal with. When they are unmasked, cheaters then look for excuses to try to justify their adultery. But, for a wife, her husband was strangely honest about the motive of his deception.

Caught in a compromising situation, the adulterous husband confessed to his wife that he was cheating on her because she never wore sexy underwear. A pattern that left him doubtful, thus sweeping away four years of love story for a piece of fabric.

In bed with another

It was on a Reddit forum that the cheated wife came to confide. Stressing that her husband’s betrayal put an end to four years of relationship, including two of marriage, she also specified that they had sex about four times a week. Which apparently wasn’t enough. “I found my husband with another woman in my bed,” she wrote. “I started running away in shock, and he couldn’t really leave the apartment until he put his clothes back on,” she continued. When he confronts her, he looks for “half-apologies” and then ends up being honest. According to him, his wife has “never made an effort for him” always wearing “comfy underwear and never the sexy kind”.

A lack of sexy

“It puts him off. He feels like I really don’t care,” she said. “I was stunned and didn’t understand what he meant,” she continued. She tries to understand why he didn’t tell her before cheating on her or, better, why he didn’t try to offer her sexy lingerie in order to get the message across subtly. “He said he didn’t mean to offend me by suggesting that my underwear was dull and faded,” she commented. “So it’s basically my fault that you cheated on me?” He didn’t say no, he just looked at me crying.

Excuses that don’t take

Trying to pretend that this affair “meant nothing” and that he was going to do everything possible to fix things, his wife insisted that he leave. Considering their healthy and active sex life, she really didn’t understand his excuse. “I don’t feel unsightly at all in my very comfortable underwear. Not even once ! she noted. “I love my body. I train two hours a day and I have confidence in myself,” she said. His words saddening her, she was annoyed by his remarks “How could he say that he was not satisfied when we are intimate at least four times a week! Was it a lie when he said I was driving him crazy and turning him on? “. Cursing her husband, she concluded “I hope you get karma fucked wearing a sexy red lace thong!” “.

A pathetic excuse

In the comments following her post, many other forum members came to comfort the cheated wife, assuring that he was the only one at fault and that she need not feel guilty for preferring some type of sub. clothes to another. “It’s so pathetic. The only thing he could find was the underwear, probably because he has no excuses and is just weak,” one person wrote. A second fit “It has nothing to do with your underwear. He clings to this in an attempt to justify his behavior and he has the audacity to tell you after being caught in the act! “. Finally, a third concluded “This is the stupidest excuse I have ever heard! No respect for you! “.

TESTIMONY My husband cheated on me because I don't wear sexy lingerie


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