Naisha Marie and her husband Jayden were desperate to start a family together but couldn’t conceive naturally, Jayden being transgender. Going in search of a sperm donor, the couple finally met him on Facebook.

They met in high school, fell in love and, a few years later, wanted to expand their family. But for Naisha Marie and her husband Jayden, things are more complicated than expected.

Jayden being transgender, the couple must turn to a sperm bank to hope to found their family… before opting for another method.

A failed first attempt

On her TikTok account, Naisha, who regularly shares videos of her little family, returned to the reasons that led Jayden and her to choose their sperm donor through a less “classic” process: “We first carried out our first attempt using donor sperm from a bank but it didn’t work”. Reflecting on this experience, she added “It was very expensive to do this, which was not a problem, but the money definitely plays a role” adding “The quality you get from a sperm bank with its freezing, the timing had to be perfect. So we wanted something that could give us a bigger chance so we went the new way of giving.”

Meet the donor

This new way also offers them something additional compared to an anonymous donation, a link “We wanted to meet the donors and ask them questions and see what they looked like” added Naisha in her video. For this, Naisha and Jayden create profiles on the Bumble applications as well as on Facebook Date, clearly indicating that they are exclusively looking for a sperm donor. Finally, the couple meets a potential donor “We spoke to him together and asked questions then once we were sure, we met” she explained, adding “He agreed to be our donor a month before do anything. Then we did the tests and all that and then the insemination.”

Between criticism and congratulations

This one, performed at the couple’s home, was a success since last year, Naisha and Jayden welcomed their son, Jax, who has just celebrated his first birthday. However, in the comments, the couple received both strong criticism as very positive messages among which “Happy for you and your family”, “He is adorable. Just keep enjoying every minute” along with a perfect piece of advice “Don’t let any of these negative comments get to you both”.

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