Donald accidentally burned his wife, Tonya, while lighting his barbecue. Today, she is only halfway through the healing process but has already forgiven her husband.

Tonya, 48, has already undergone $2.7 million worth of reconstructive treatment. The tragic accident she is recovering from happens one day in December 2018. Tonya is in her garden with her husband Donald, both ready to cook dinner on the barbecue. But as Donald begins to prepare the fire with lighter fluid, his wife leans over and fluid is sprayed towards her arm, face and hair. Tonya ignites. Directly transported to the hospital, she was placed in an artificial coma for 2 months. Burned over more than 35% of her body, her injuries are extremely serious.

Burned by lighting a barbecue, she is disfigured for life

In total, Tonya spent six months in the hospital. Six months during which Donald, furious with himself, stays by her side to support her. Six months during which the doctors practice many interventions, such as skin grafts. “At first I had to work with physical therapists. All my muscles had atrophied. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t swallow. I couldn’t even squirm in bed,” Tonya recalls to the New York Post. Today, it is far from having finished its reconstruction. “I still have at least fifteen to twenty surgeries to do.”

Her face absolutely doesn’t look like it used to, and that’s probably the hardest part for Tonya. “My lower lip went down to my chin. My mouth was constantly open. You could see all my teeth. My eyes were swollen and my skin was different colors.” But her love of makeup and the support of those around her helped her regain the confidence to enjoy life to the fullest. And his goal now is to succeed in raising a lot of money in order to help as many people as possible in his case.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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