A young American is currently living a real nightmare! And for good reason, the house she has just bought is haunted by the demonic spirit of a little girl.

Sandy (not her real name) was happier than ever after buying a house in Kentucky in the United States. Unfortunately, the young woman quickly became disillusioned when she realized that the place was haunted by the demonic spirit of a little girl. In an interview with the Daily Mirror, the American explained that she heard a child’s voice say “Hello” when she was alone at home: “I have a demon in my house and I need I didn’t know it was a demon at first but things got worse when my husband was gone for several months for work The girl started to be more present, with footsteps, pounding and falling objects.”

Sandy is not the only one to have experienced these paranormal phenomena: “I hired someone to mow my lawn and he asked me ‘How many children do you have?’ I replied ‘None for the moment!’ His eyes widened and he said, ‘Oh, I was wondering because I kept hearing a little girl laugh in your house before you got back.'” A particularly heavy situation for the owner of the place: “It’s terrifying, I constantly wake up at 3am for no reason. I hear someone knocking on my door and I feel like I’m going crazy.” The young woman also noticed a foul smell coming from her bathroom. Distraught, she reached out to her local church for help.

The solution ? Bless the haunted house!

Yvette Fielding, famous host of the paranormal show Encounter with the specters (Most Haunted in the original version), declared that Sandy’s house must be blessed: “In my eyes, this woman is haunted by a spirit who wants to attract attention. Without seeing the place, it is difficult for me to get a real idea but to bless this house seems to me to be the best solution.” The English presenter also gave some advice to the American: “She should orient herself towards the church of her choice. In each diocese, they have a person who can help and bring comfort. In most cases, everything If not, a spiritualist must be called in. She must be careful, however, because there are a lot of charlatans.”


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