Jesse thought he was spinning the perfect love but his girlfriend abruptly left him when she learned that he wanted to marry her. The man, from Pennsylvania in the US, wrote to Newsweek magazine’s Heart Mail asking for advice. “I’m in my 40s and I’ve been in a relationship for 9 years. After my mother died in 2020, I thought a lot about life, happiness and love. So I started to I was planning a trip where I was going to ask my girlfriend out. She found out and ended our relationship. I tried to talk to her but her decision is final. She just said ‘It’s not walk more'” he explained.

A week later, Jesse found himself on the streets: “To give a little more context, we had moved into his parents’ house to help them. They welcomed me as if I were their son. Now, I have nothing left. I live in shelters and I sleep on the sofas of my relatives.” A particularly difficult period, especially since the American has a disability: “I am disabled (I have mental health problems and aphasia [a language disorder]).” Devastated by the refusal of his companion, the forties wonders what he could have done differently: “I don’t know what I did wrong.”

Two therapists offer him valuable advice

Chicago-based therapist Jennifer Klesman sympathized deeply with Jesse’s pain, “Reading your story breaks my heart.” The social worker added: “I imagine your partner had doubts about your future already and has for a long time. Breakups don’t come out of nowhere. The fact that she leaves you like this, leaving you to survive day after day, is indicative of who she is. You did nothing wrong.” Phoenix-based psychotherapist Elizabeth Fedrick advised the 40-year-old to “dialogue more openly” in future relationships: “I encourage my patients to set aside an hour a week to go deeper into how each partner is feeling in the relationship.”

TESTIMONY My girlfriend dumped me when she found out that I wanted to propose to her


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