He thought he would live for the rest of his life, alongside his companion whom he was soon to marry. But, at 59, a man made a brutal discovery about the intentions of his 50-year-old fiancée.

It was anonymously that he poured out in the columns of the New York Post, seeking the advice of Abby, the publication’s official therapist, regarding the disturbing behavior of his now former companion.

sudden changes

“My 50-year-old fiancée lives in a beautiful house,” he noted in the introduction. It has been fifteen years since the two partners lived, apparently, a magnificent love story. The couple even planned to say “Yes” very soon. However, recently, her companion’s behavior has become strange. “She lost a lot of weight, bought a new car, and started doing things that I didn’t think were age-appropriate,” he said, adding that he “never said anything negative. About them “.

A sudden and unexplained departure

After these changes, his fiancée decided, overnight, to get into a relationship with another. “She is now staying in a motel room for weekly rent with him,” he revealed. A situation that leads him to think that the man had also just broken up and that the new couple find themselves without a fixed place to live. “She did not give me an opportunity to fight for us, or even warn that she was unhappy,” he lamented. The breakup was as sudden as it was unexpected.

Break with a word

One afternoon, on returning from work, the man finds a note stating that she was sorry that she could not break up in person, but that she was doing it for herself. Calling himself “honorable” in all his previous relationships, the man, injured, did not understand this turnaround and could not move on. “I have never been so emotionally drained,” he said. His ex-fiancée now speaks to him only by email and text message, never in person. “Desperate and lost”, he therefore asked Abby for a wise explanation of his situation.

escape the worst

In her response, Abby advised the man to make an appointment with a therapist and start fighting for himself. “Perhaps you didn’t know your fiancée as well as you thought,” she pointed out. “Once you take a step back, you may realize that something changed when she started to lose weight,” she continued, indicating that this physical change must have occurred at the time of her meeting. with her new lover. “Understand that the woman you invested so much time in was dishonest, cowardly and selfish for treating you the way she did,” she said. Wondering about the reasons that had led the couple not to unite before, according to her, the man had escaped “the worst”. All that remains is for him to realize “his luck”.

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