There is no doubt that choosing a first name for his child is difficult since the latter will follow him throughout his life. Although many parents end up choosing a rare and unique name, it is not without fear that this name will inevitably die out.

It is a misadventure that Graeme Currie has just experienced. His parents had given him a rare first name when he was born, but last year the man learned that it was now considered extinct.

A return to old names

Nonetheless, Graeme was unaffected by this news. On the contrary ! He is only prouder of it! At 34, the man told the Mirror newspaper: “I think more people should use my name”, adding “I think it’s a cool name”. Observing his surroundings and the people he meets, Graeme notices that first names seem to diversify while his own fades away. According to him, “it would be good to encourage older first names Graeme, Guy and Greg”.

A first name considered “extinct”

Indeed, a recent report by the Babbel site, highlighted that Graeme was one of the seven male names qualified as “extinct”. This study, by language experts, looked at the Office for National Statistics’ record-level analysis of the past century, comparing parents’ choices in 2020 for their babies with the 100 most popular baby names between 1914 and 1994. Graeme could only see that fewer babies were given the same first name as him. An observation marking a societal change.

Stand out from the crowd

“It’s getting a little rarer these days. I think names like David are more popular,” he said. “To be honest, I guess society evolves in a certain way. I think first names show part of the story,” he said. If he felt “a little lonely”, Graeme now sees this situation from a more positive angle: “It avoids being confused with the other Graeme! “.

A meaningful name

His first name, the man is particularly fond of it and finds a real meaning in it. “It’s a name that puts you on the right track,” he said. “I feel the same with a lot of older names. It puts you forward in a certain way,” he agreed. Divulging that his brother nicknamed him “Grey Hair” (or “grey hair”) as a pun, Graeme nevertheless prefers when he is called “Grams or Grammy”. “I think people notice my middle name more. The only thing they comment on with my first name is its spelling,” he concluded.

TESTIMONY My first name is disappearing but I'm proud of it


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