They had been together since high school and their lives already seemed mapped out. Also, impossible for Katherine Lamus to imagine for a moment, the radically different turn that her life would take when she was to get married!

On social networks, the young woman returned to her story and her separation from her fiancé in 2014. A tragic breakup and all the more shocking as her ex-companion left her with a huge debt to settle.

A shocking statement

Owner of a bakery in Toronto, Canada, Katherine, 32, spoke out on TikTok. In a relationship since high school with the same man, the lovers had ended up getting engaged. Only, five months after the start of their engagement, her future husband made an astonishing statement to her. “My ex broke up with me over the phone after telling me he was cheating on me,” Katherine said in her video. “I was taken aback,” she added.

shocking revelations

Katherine learns that this affair started as soon as they got engaged. In this same call, his ex-companion also admits to him that he has accumulated more than 9,000 euros in debt following multiple credit card payments. “He left me this debt on a card that I gave him access to,” she explained. “My family and friends were furious. They were so shocked because it totally changed the person they knew,” she said. Massive expenses that also included the cost of her engagement ring.

Sell ​​your engagement ring

In a vain attempt to pay off this debt, Katherine attempts to return her engagement ring. It is there that she learns that half of the sum has been debited from her account. She then tries to pawn it and ends up selling it for around 900 euros. Since their breakup, Katherine has had to deal with many increasingly hurtful discoveries. “I discover for example the number of girls with whom he cheated on me, also trying with my friends, but clearly, it did not work” she related.

A new life

In the comments under her video, the young woman’s subscribers have, for some, shared similar experiences. “When he sold his motorcycle to prove to me that he loved me by buying me a ring… And that I remembered that I had bought his motorcycle…” noted a first woman. “My ring wasn’t even real gold. I went to sell it thinking I would make a lot of money from it, imagine my embarrassment! wrote for a second. “Mine was bought thanks to a loan from his ex-wife which she always repays! confessed a third. Since that experience, Katherine has started her own bakery to pay off debt, buy a house and meet another man who she married in 2019. “My husband knew everything when we first met, he is incredible and supports me, the complete opposite of my ex,” she commented.

TESTIMONY My fiancé cheated on me then left me leaving me a huge debt


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