“I was almost 7 years old when it happened. I was snuggled up in my mother’s bed, by her side, sleeping”, begins Iman Gatti in the pages of Metro UK. What is about to follow will change his life forever. “I remember the door opened and the light came on. When my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see my father standing in the doorway. Her index finger was raised to her mouth and pressed against her lips, motioning me not to wake my mother. He turned off the light and my eyes searched for him in the dark. I snuggled up to my mother. I saw something twinkle in the moonlight. By the time I saw the big blade of the knife, it was too late,” recalls Iman Gatti, who developed post-traumatic stress related to that night.

“Even today, thirty years later, I still have a visceral reaction thinking of all the times I woke up to see my father’s face and name smeared in the newspapers, because yet another reporter found it interesting, or because he was again on parole”, explains the author, adding that she thinks back “to her mother’s face and her cries” as she writes this testimony.

Determined to confront the one who had ruined her life, Iman Gatti once went to visit her father in prison. But instead of hearing an apology or repentance from him, she ran into a man in denial. “He denied having anything to do with his death and looked me in the eye and told me I had it all figured out,” Iman recalled before adding, “I laughed thinking about how much he was ridiculous to have believed that he could be sorry”.

“The only attention killers should get is in court”

As a survivor, the author declares that she no longer wants to pay any attention to her father, explaining that she, like all victims, does not deserve to be further traumatized. The reason why Iman Gatti frowns on sensational documentaries about murderers. “When we give great visibility to murderers like Netflix does with its documentaries, we insult the victims and hurt the survivors more. The only attention killers should receive is in court, when they are convicted and punished for their crimes,” she concludes.

TESTIMONY My father killed my mother while I was lying next to her


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