Joanna was about to have one of the happiest days of her life when she finally married her longtime partner, David. However, her joy was dashed by the sad news of her father’s sudden death. He was 75 years old. He died in his sleep from heart failure and heart disease.

Before their wedding, Joanna and David had to call it off twice. They originally planned a big wedding in 2019, but called it off after Joanna’s mother was diagnosed with blood cancer. Despite this, they managed to honeymoon with Joanna’s parents. They then rescheduled their wedding for the following year, but it was again canceled due to Covid. They had finally decided to have a small wedding in May 2022. “We had reduced it from a huge wedding in 2019 to a very small one in May 2022, with only 35 people in our house. Dad had built a pergola for us to get married in the garden,” she expressed in the columns of the Metro newspaper. The night before the big day, Joanna and her mother stayed up late to finalize the preparations for the wedding. Around 2:30 a.m., when the mother of Joanna went to bed, she noticed that her father wasn’t moving. And she couldn’t wake him up. The mother asked Joanna for help and unfortunately they found out that her father had passed away during his pregnancy. The young woman remembers: “The second I walked through the door, I knew he was dead”.

Tragedy strikes on Joanna’s wedding day

And so Joanna’s wedding day, which should have been one of the happiest of her life, turned into a tragedy. Joanna therefore declared that their planned wedding would not take place. ‘We called off the wedding.’ However, after calling off their marriage, David offered ‘Let’s just go and sign the papers’. Accompanied by two bridesmaids and Joanna’s brother, they went to the registry office. Despite the grief, Joanna has fond memories of that day. “As strange as it may seem, we had a very nice evening, because all our family was present and we celebrated the life of our father,” she confided.

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