Megan is part of the “9/11” generation. These children have known only after 9/11. For the young woman, these attacks were marked by an event that was all the more tragic. It’s about the loss of her father, when she wasn’t even born yet. Indeed, her mother, Danielle, is pregnant with her when Lee, her dad, dies. “Every time I see images of the twin towers crashing to the ground on 9/11, I always think of the same thing: the courage of my father, Lee, a firefighter who rushed inside to save other people and who lost his life in the operation. “, she confided to the Sun.

The firefighter was only 28 when he died. “He was last seen heading to the south tower to rescue those trapped and injured inside. “says Megan. A few days after the traumatic episodes, Danielle received the ashes of her deceased husband, found among the rubble. These are buried in a local cemetery, as the girl reports. A week after the funeral, Megan was born. “I can’t imagine what mum must have been through. Losing her husband and her best friend and having a second baby in a matter of weeks. “, she shared.

A father who died in the attacks a few weeks before his birth

The young woman grew up without any memory of her father. She was 3 years old when her mother explained to her the circumstances of Lee’s death. “Every year she would take Kaitlin and me to a memorial service for the families. “, she said. Before adding: “Growing up, I discovered that I was part of the 9/11 generation and that there were many other children like me. For a while, I was happy to meet them, but we stopped attending memorial services regularly when I was 10 years old. It kept us in mourning and it was too hard. »

Even though Lee passed away, Megan says she “grew up surrounded by the love of [her] dad” because her house “was filled with pictures of him. The absence of her father still had consequences for the young woman. “I always look for exits when I find myself in a new place. I check the security cameras, because I’m always on alert for risks. “, she confided. “The loss of my father taught me to be grateful for the people around me and the life I have, when so many people lost theirs that day. “, she shared, not without emotion.

TESTIMONY My father died in the attacks of September 11, 2001 five weeks before I was born


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