This is the eternal dilemma. Should you reveal your baby’s first name before birth? In some cases, it is rather preferable to avoid so as not to expose yourself to remarks from those close to you. It is not this future mother of 21 years who will say the opposite. On Reddit, she explains that she wants to baptize her daughter Stevie, in tribute to Stevie Nicks, the singer of the rock group Fleetwood Mac. A choice that his family disapproves of. The reason ? She considers him far too masculine. “I love Stevie Nicks, I love his music and honestly, I don’t know why but the name Stevie seems really cool to me for a girl, it stands out for me,” she confides.

The young woman, who is 7 months pregnant, says her decision was criticized by those around her: “They think it’s a boy’s name (even if Stevie Nicks is a woman) and that she will be harassed. ” Due to the negative comments, the mother-to-be is now starting to doubt her choice: “My mother is going even further and trying to come up with a female nickname…Sally? And it would drive me crazy if she called my daughter Sally, because I hates this name (no offense to those who have this name or know a Sally, it reminds me of Sally from Hollyoaks [a famous British soap opera, editor’s note].”

A first name validated by the Web

Under the publication, many Internet users supported the choice of the young woman. Some have also specified that Stevie was the diminutive of Stephanie. “There’s nothing wrong with the name Stevie for a girl. If you like it and your partner also agrees, you should use it! No matter what other people think. is not their child”, “I think Stevie is a very beautiful name for a girl. I like it very much”, “First, it is your child, so it is up to you to choose the name. Not your mother” we could read in the comments.

TESTIMONY My family thinks that I chose a name that was too masculine for my daughter


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