When you become a parent, it is not surprising to be invaded by the opinions of those close to you. Whether they come from friends or complete strangers, unsolicited remarks and other advice can quickly become unpleasant. A young dad pays the price in particular. As he tells anonymously on the Reddit forum, his family openly hates his boy’s first name and does not hesitate to tell him: “My son is currently 3 years old. His mother and I are still very happy to have chose his first name, however there are many people who disagree with our decision.”

“His first name is Caspian,” he reveals, explaining the reasons that led him to baptize his son as follows: “We chose him for his geographical and oceanic references. But also for its biblical references. Finally, we think it has a unique, cool and sending sound. It suits him perfectly.” A choice that is clearly not unanimous in his entourage: “Our two families find it hideous. They say that we will regret it and that our son will end up despising us.” If the young dad does not regret his decision in any way, he did not hesitate to ask the opinion of Internet users.

The Web validates the first name of his son

In the comments, many users of the American platform have complimented the choice of the father of the family. “I think it’s a lovely name, and if you parents are happy with your choice, that’s all that matters”, “The child is already baptized. It’s final. Those who don’t don’t like should learn to shut up,” “It’s not my favorite name the most. But guess what? It’s not my child! You chose the first name that seemed best to you and that you like. It does not concern anyone”, “I love it! Plus he’ll have cool nicknames like Cas or Ian,” the post reads.

TESTIMONY My family is convinced that my son will resent me for his first name


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