Getting along with your in-laws is not given to everyone. Even more when they are ex-in-laws. Witness the story of this woman who fell out with her former mother-in-law about her children. In a long post published on Reddit, quoted by the Mirror, she explains that she has maintained good relations with the relatives of her ex-husband: “I have 5 children. They all share the same father. My children visit his parents , i.e. their grandparents, every other weekend.” The grandmother loves to immortalize her moments with her grandchildren. Only problem? She retouches the photos before publishing them on the net.

“She has a huge obsession with the aesthetic of blonde hair and blue eyes. I feel like she considers that the standard of beauty. My eldest daughter and son are blonde with blue eyes but my other three children, not really… My twins are blond with brown eyes and my youngest is brunette with blue eyes” confides the mother. And to add that the grandmother clearly marks her preferences by modifying the appearance of the toddlers: “She always uses strange filters on them but I let it flow. One day, the brown hair of my youngest and the eyes of my twins have been cleared up.”

The mother makes a radical decision against her ex-mother-in-law

Furious, the mother challenges her ex-mother-in-law: “Of course, she denied it and said it was the lighting.” A few days later, the children’s grandmother did it again. It’s too much for the ex-daughter-in-law, who reacts bluntly: “I sent her an SMS to ask her to delete her post. She ignored me so I had had enough and I reported his account, which has been suspended.” A radical decision hailed by Internet users. “Your mother-in-law crossed a line and you took action to protect your children. Social media can be a great thing for keeping in touch with people, but it’s also been proven to cause trust issues in young people, especially their body image,” one person said.

TESTIMONY My ex-mother-in-law retouches my children's photos to change their appearance


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