As we know, more and more people are choosing electronic cigarettes over conventional cigarettes. Many smokers turn to this tool to quit smoking tobacco. But if this option has become popular with a large public, it remains prohibited for minors. Indeed, it is imperative to be 18 years old to obtain vaping equipment and its liquids. A warning that is obviously not respected by all. A mother recently paid the price when she discovered that her 11-year-old son was vaping when he was at his father’s house. Faced with this delicate situation, the latter asked for advice from Internet users.

“My 11-year-old son, who is in sixth grade, sees his dad every other weekend. His dad has started vaping, which I don’t mind since he’s an adult. What annoys me the most, it’s that my ex bought an electronic cigarette for my son and he vapes regularly when he’s at his dad’s,” explained the mother on the Mumsnet forum. Very annoyed by the behavior of her former partner, the young woman wondered if she should intervene radically: “Should I tell my ex that I can no longer let my son go to his house if he continues to let vape? What would social services do if my ex refused to make the right decision, what would he do knowing him?

He vapes his electronic cigarette at 11, the Web is offended

Unsurprisingly, this testimony caused a lot of reaction. In the comments, Internet users strongly encouraged the mother to take stock with her ex before denouncing him to social services. Others have shed light on the harmful effects e-cigarettes could have on the still-developing lungs of children. Finally, most users did not bend over backwards to criticize the attitude of the father. “An adult who allows a child to vape is pathetic” launched a first, while a second outbid: “My God, he is desperately trying to be the cool dad… it’s tragic.”

TESTIMONY My ex lets our 11 year old son vape his electronic cigarette


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