Betrayal and trust are two emotions that often intertwine after a breakup. The pain and grief of ending a relationship can be compounded when the former partner’s actions show a lack of integrity and respect. In this case that left a woman in shock, her ex-husband not only abused her trust, but also took money intended for the future of their children. An anonymous mother shares her story online, seeking comfort and advice as reported by the Mirror newspaper.

She reveals that during their relationship, she and her ex-husband opened bank accounts for their children. The latter were intended to secure their financial future. “When my ex-husband and I were together, we opened bank accounts for our two children,” the mother explained. Family contributions added to the parents’ savings. After their separation, the mother confronted her ex -husband. She then discovers that he has withdrawn 8,000 pounds sterling. This represents a little more than 9,000 euros without her consent. “I am so angry with him. It’s not his money! He says he’ll make sure they get it back… in twenty years! ‘, said the mother. She then requests that the money be transferred to new accounts under her control. But he did not keep his promise despite his pleas for six months. “I discussed it with my ex, who was a little defensive at first, saying he felt like I didn’t trust him to deal with it, but then he agreed to let me know. send. But it never arrived,” the woman told the Mirror.

Her ex-husband steals their children’s savings to buy a house

Eventually, her ex-husband admitted to using the 9,000 euros to bail out his own house. Outraged, the mother rightly claimed that the money was not hers. She now expects him to replenish the funds with interest before their children reach the age of 17, believing it to be a vital resource for their future projects, such as the buying a car or pursuing higher education.

TESTIMONY My ex-husband dipped into our children's savings to buy a house


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