Contrary to the usual pattern, Billie Turner introduced the pot very early in the life of her daughters. A technique that makes a lot of people react!

In general, a baby learns to be clean between its 2 years and 4 years. For Billie Turner, toilet training began when her two daughters were born. This single mother, originally from Sheffield in England, therefore uses the method of natural infant hygiene, also called elimination-communication. A technique which consists in replacing the layers by the pot and this, from the first months of the newborn. In other words, parents learn to recognize the signals emitted by their offspring when it wants to relieve itself.

“I tried this method when my daughter Bess was 2 months old and her diapers were overflowing,” Billie told Fabulous. After taking advice from a group of parents, the Briton set up natural infant hygiene: “It totally changed my life. I almost gave up diapers.” The mother has therefore learned to spot the signs that announce the arrival of her child’s stool: “I remember that at 4 months, Bess said ‘C-aaaaaaa’ when she wanted to. Each time, she said. It was amazing for a baby so small.” Despite some small issues, she also used this technique with her second daughter Burgundy.

“The amount of plastic in diapers is terrifying”

“I always have a jar with me that I carry around the house so I’ll be ready when she feels like going,” Billie revealed. She added, “Since Burgundy was born, she’s only pooped twice in a diaper.” The mum, however, admitted that she still uses nappies at night: “I use nappies at night because getting a good night’s sleep is more important, happy mom happy baby as they say.” A method that is not unanimous. Criticized, Billie has already been reported to social services. Despite everything, she does not intend to stop: “The amount of plastic in the diapers is terrifying. In addition, I save at least 150 euros per month.”

TESTIMONY My daughters have been using the potty instead of diapers since they were born. ©

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