Not everyone has experienced confinement in the same way. If some have experienced it badly, others have experienced it as a kind of beneficial parenthesis. Like Jodi Cross, who got pregnant for the first time. A nice miracle for the Briton, originally from Bedfordshire, who had been trying to have a child for a year. This forced break allowed him to start a family. “I was on technical unemployment and my husband Rob was working less. I think we just relaxed because we had more time than usual, then we found out that I was pregnant” she confided to the Metro UK.

On November 28, 2021, Jodi and Rob welcomed a baby girl. Inspired by this time of isolation, the parents named their baby Lockie. A diminutive of “lockdown”, or “confinement” in English. “When she was born, a new variant of Covid appeared – Omicron – so we knew she would be a confinement baby. So we called her Lockie,” said the young hairdresser. And to add that other coincidences had led her to this choice: “At the time when we were thinking about the name, a girl nicknamed Lockey came to the salon. Then we got married in Gretna Green in Scotland and he had a lot of locks.”

No regrets for this first name inspired by confinement

Despite the pandemic, Jodi confessed to enjoying the lockdown: “It was a good time in our lives because it was really relaxing. We know a lot of people didn’t like the lockdown, but for us it was a pleasant time.” The young woman therefore has no regrets about her daughter’s first name, and does not hesitate to let it be known: “People may not like it, but I don’t care what they think.” For the mom, the name sounded like a no-brainer: “You never know, other people will definitely read our story and next year [Lockie] may become the most popular baby name.”

TESTIMONY My daughter's first name is inspired by confinement


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