Montana Lower and Tom Linwood, parents of 3-year-old Blue, posted a video on YouTube in August 2020 in which they explain how they trained her to use the potty rather than the diaper as soon as possible. Have you heard of natural infant hygiene (NIH)? It is a method which consists in educating cleanliness to your child by introducing the use of the pot relatively early in his education, namely before his 18 months. Montana Lower and Tom Linwood, seduced by the concept, therefore set to work with Blue and the results seem rather miraculous since the little one would have stopped defecating in a diaper only two weeks after her birth. The parents explain that they started with a Tupperware. “We recommend setting aside a day to start,” says Montana Lower before adding, “It took Blue a day to learn she had to go to the bathroom in the Tupperware. After that, it was up to us to decipher the signs.”

As young parents explain, it is important to “listen to your baby to know when he wants to go to the bathroom, and take him there instead of to his diaper”. “All mums know when their baby is hungry, they have signals for that. And they have the same signals when he needs to go to the bathroom. It’s just about listening to them and monitoring them,” adds Tom. If Blue stopped defecating in a diaper after two weeks, the parents said they always have one on hand just in case, even if they explain that they have drastically reduced their diaper budget.

The benefits of this method

“It’s much cleaner to pot them,” says Montana Lower, adding that it’s also better for the environment. In addition, according to the mother, the natural infant hygiene method is also a form of empowerment that shows the child that he is “heard and that his needs are met”.

TESTIMONY My daughter stopped wearing diapers only 2 weeks after she was born


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