While chatting with his 6-year-old daughter, a dad discovered that his classmates made fun of his name Mildred. “He was told it sounded like a grandma’s,” he shared on Reddit. And to add: “I fought so hard not to call him that, but my wife was determined. Who still calls her child Mildred? Are we in the 19th century?” Instead of consoling her, the father confessed that he didn’t like her either: “I tried to sympathize by saying ‘I’m sorry my little one. I never liked your name either. I thought it was a stupid name when I first heard it Everyone in the family thought there was no problem so they didn’t ask my opinion. . But on the other hand, you can change it when you grow up.'”

“You don’t like my first name either?” dropped the girl, before returning home crying. “She told her mother that I had said her first name was stupid. She forgot to mention the child in her class who started it. I explained the situation to my wife but she was furious. She wanted I apologize,” said the father, who openly refused to question himself: “Apologize for what? I don’t like that name, I’ve never liked it, and our daughter doesn’t like it. don’t like either.” In the rest of his testimony, the dad explained that he did not understand why his daughter had put herself in such a state. However, he remains convinced that she will quickly forget this discussion.

“You should learn to love and care for your daughter better”

Unsurprisingly, Internet users were particularly outraged by the behavior of the dad. “You want to know why she cried like that? Because she’s six years old, she was teased because of her first name (something she didn’t choose) and she needed You’ve failed. Please read a parenting book. Also, consider couples therapy if you and your wife can’t agree on something. as important as your child’s name. You don’t have to love the name Mildred. But as a parent, you should learn to love and care for your daughter better. I agree with the others. You owe him an apology,” we read in the comments.



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