When you become a parent, it is important to think carefully about the future first name of your child. This is not a choice to be taken lightly and some people take months to decide. For others, it’s obvious. Like this mother who baptized her 13-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. “It’s a classic, down-to-earth name,” the mom told Mumsnet. Only problem? The teenager hates it: “She thinks it’s old-fashioned because no one her age wears it. She wants to change it to a more fashionable name. She suggested Emily because, according to her, it’s the best name. most popular and cool of his generation.”

The mother revealed that she was very saddened by her daughter’s reaction: “I don’t know what to do. She is really affected by it all, to the point of being embarrassed by her first name. To be honest, I’m devastated because Elizabeth is a timeless name and I never thought she would want to change it.” Completely lost, the mother now wonders if she should accept her daughter’s request: “She will probably change her mind as she grows up and when the adolescent stage is over. But what should I do? Should I let her name change or force her to go with a name she hates?”

“I would not allow any name change before he turned 18”

In the comments, Internet users deeply sympathized with the mother: “It must be very hard to hear. I understand that you are torn between these two options.” Several of them also suggested that he let his daughter use a nickname such as Lizzie or Lily and wait until she reaches majority before making a radical choice: “I would encourage her to explore all the nicknames that come first name Elizabeth before changing her name,” “I would let her call herself whatever she wants, but I wouldn’t allow any name changes until she turned 18 and used the new name for a few years.”



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