Becky Roberts, a British mother, fell in love with the magical world of Disney during her pregnancy. “While I was pregnant, I started a collection of Disney DVDs so my daughter could have them on her shelf,” the 28-year-old told Southwest News Service. bought the DVDs, I started watching one a day while his dad was at work. After watching The Lion King II, I remembered that my father had bought me a Kiara plush toy at the Heathrow Disney store when I was little.” A character who inspired her a lot.

Becky therefore baptized her daughter Kiara, like the child of Simba and Nala in The Lion King. The girl also has a middle name: Rose, a reference to the enchanted flower in Beauty and the Beast. “Her dad and I both fell in love with the name. I googled it and found it sounded like the Irish name ‘Ciara’. But I wanted to spell it the same way Kiara du movie. When she was born, we gave her a plush Kiara, found in America, as well as a plush rose from Beauty and the Beast. She also likes movies now.”

A family-approved Disney name

Seven years later, Becky absolutely does not regret her decision. On the contrary ! The Briton also stood up to those close to her, who criticized her: “A lot of people, like my family, kept saying things like ‘What’s that name?’ No one really liked it except me and my mate. We knew it would be an unusual name from the start because people were pretty shocked. The only other ‘person’ I met named Kiara was a dog.” Fortunately, her parents’ opinion has changed: “They finally agree that it’s an incredible name and that it suits her perfectly.”

TESTIMONY My daughter has a name inspired by a Disney character and I assume


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