Anne Ryan, from Broken Hill in Australia, found her daughter Brooke dead on her bedroom floor. The 16-year-old had inhaled deodorant.

Anne Ryan saw her life change on February 3, 2022. That evening, the Australian went up to her daughter Brooke’s room and found her lying on the floor. According to the mother-in-law’s revelations to the Sydney Morning Herald, the 16-year-old was face down with deodorant in her hand and a dishcloth placed below her. According to the first conclusions of the investigation, the pretty blonde would have died of a heart attack. For her mom, there should be no doubt that she died after participating in the deodorant game. A stupid and dangerous challenge which consists in inhaling the container of an aerosol to feel a feeling of drunkenness supposedly similar to that of alcohol.

“I wake up, I think of her. I go to bed and think of her. We wish we could bring her back but we can’t. Every day is a nightmare,” Anne told the Australian newspaper. The mother of the family recalled with fondness the memory of her daughter Brooke: “She was beautiful and had her heart on her sleeve. We miss her so much and she would be absolutely devastated to know the negative impact she had on so many people since his death.” The 16-year-old who suffered from anxiety, particularly during the pandemic, was determined to overcome her problems. She was a talented athlete and wanted to become a lawyer, physical therapist or beautician.

His mission ? Highlighting the dangers of the “deodorant game”

Anne Ryan, who was completely unaware that her daughter Brooke was inhaling deodorant, is sharing her story to alert parents to the dangerous practice. The mother also wants companies to clearly detail the risks of aerosols on their packaging. Some stores have already taken precautions by locking up their deodorants. And for good reason, the younger generations are very affected by this challenge all over the world. In April 2022, a 10-year-old boy died in his bed while an 11-year-old child died in the underground car park of a Nice supermarket in 2014. A list that we hope will quickly stop s lengthen.


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