Agatha (first name) fell from a height when she discovered the relationship between her companion and her daughter. In a letter to Deidre Sanders, love advisor for The Sun, the mother of the family opened up about this terrible betrayal: “I am 54 years old and my partner is 55. I met him on an application of dating four years ago – five years after our respective divorces. We quickly moved in together. We bought a house with a small annex that we wanted to rent out. But one day my 25-year-old daughter called to tell me that she was leaving her abusive boyfriend. We then organized everything to accommodate her and she ended up renting the annex.”

Over time, Agatha began to have doubts about the nature of the relationship between her companion and her daughter: “I was very uncomfortable when I noticed their complicity. They made a lot of sexual allusions and I thought it was inappropriate. They joked together a lot, often at my expense.” The sad truth finally came out: “One evening I came home from work and found a note on the kettle that said they had fallen in love and were now together.” Devastated, the mother of the family decided to sell her house and move in stride: “I will never forgive my daughter or my companion.”

“Don’t let this story destroy your relationship with your daughter”

In response to Agatha’s testimony, Deidre Sanders acknowledged that this situation was particularly horrific. The British journalist, however, expressed some reservations about her daughter’s guilt: “Your daughter was vulnerable after leaving her violent boyfriend and it seems that your partner took advantage of the situation. I know you are angry but don’t let this story will destroy your relationship with your daughter. She will need you when their relationship inevitably comes to an end.” The expert also advised her to do everything to keep communication open with her child.



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