When her cat Humbug jumped on her stomach, Gill Kelly, her owner, was far from imagining that this innocuous behavior was going to save her life. Thanks to her feline, she discovered an abnormal sensation…

If cats are, according to popular belief, endowed with nine lives, one of these felines offered its owner the possibility of pursuing his own. Humbug, a little black cat, has thus proved to be a lucky charm rather than a harbinger of misfortune, for Gill Kelly, his mistress.

Residing in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England, Humbug jumped up with all his might one evening in 2017 and landed on his owner’s stomach, who then felt excruciating pain…

A paw that hits the bull’s eye

Screaming in pain just as her cat touched her, Gill Kelly was stunned by the disproportionate suffering. Worried to see his wife’s reaction, John, her husband, insisted that she consult a doctor as soon as possible. During the medical examination, it appeared that Humbug had put his paws on a two-kilo tumor that had gone unnoticed before… A few tests later, the tumor turned out to be ovarian cancer.

An unnoticed tumor

A mother of two, Gill had had a few symptoms like bloating and irregular periods. But at the time, she mistakenly thought that these disorders were a sign of the onset of menopause. Without Humbug, the tumor would have gone unnoticed “If it hadn’t been for Humbug, I would have continued to put up with the discomfort, which means the cancer would have been much more advanced and less easy to treat,” she explained. in the columns of the Metro newspaper. Thanks to her cat, the tumor was removed in time and safely, leaving Gill healed since her surgery. “For me, he is the most special cat in the world! she declared.

A national award

Now 56, Gill can’t worry about a return of cancer “I think about it every day”. To soothe her anxieties, the 50-year-old has taken up needlework in order to create a work of art that will retrace the history of Huddersfield’s textile heritage “This work absorbs me completely and helps me not to m dwell on my anxieties. I can start at 9 p.m. and suddenly realize that I worked until 2 a.m. As for Humbug, to reward his achievement, he was nominated for a special national award from Cats Protection.

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