She had always wanted her breasts to grow but now that they won’t stop growing, Pamelia regrets the thought. At 27, the young woman, a model on the OnlyFans site, gained four bra cup sizes in just eight months.

A change in silhouette that she owes not to surgery but to a rare disease. Now, handicapped by her heavy and imposing chest, Pamelia plans to have breast reduction surgery.

The start of the nightmare

“At first it was fun and interesting to see how big they were growing but recently I’ve become uncomfortable and find myself wishing for normal sized breasts,” Pamelia told the New York Post. Indeed, in just eight months, the young woman went from a J cup to an M cup. A change that she did not immediately understand.

A rare disease

About a year ago, Pamelia discovered that her breasts were growing rapidly without knowing the cause. However, with the weight of her “new” chest, the young woman began to suffer from severe back pain. In March 2022, she consulted a surgeon who then diagnosed her with a very rare disease, gigantomastia. This poorly understood condition causes rapid and excessive growth of breast tissue. A disease that is not without consequence.

Many evils

Indeed, according to the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, it can cause mastalgia (breast pain), ulceration or infection, postural problems, back pain, and chronic traction injuries to the intercostal nerves leading to loss of nipple sensation. Could be caused by multiple factors, including hormonal changes, medications or an autoimmune disease, the reason for Pamelia’s affliction remains unknown.

An unexplained cause

In addition to this problem, Pamelia is also affected by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). However, his two conditions do not seem to be linked. “It’s very uncomfortable,” she commented. “My breasts are so heavy, I can have a lot of pain,” she said. Pain that is not just physical. Pamelia explained that the latter had damaged her mental health. “I have trouble finding clothes that fit my chest and I end up wearing t-shirts that are too big,” she explained. “There are very few options for busty women, especially if you don’t want to show off your cleavage,” she lamented.

A breast reduction

His “outstanding” physique does not fail to attract attention, putting Pamelia in embarrassment. “I feel very embarrassed when I go out in public. If I wear something tight on my chest, I notice that women are looking at me,” she explained. To avoid being judged, Pamelia hardly ever leaves her home. Trying to remedy her condition, the young woman tried to lose weight but her breasts continued to grow. From now on, only one solution seems possible: a breast reduction.

Relieve his pain

Mother of one child, Pamelia wishes to have another baby in the near future. However, his dream quickly crumbled. The doctors having advised her to wait until after her delivery to proceed with the intervention, her breasts being able to return to their current size, the young woman is desperately looking for solutions to relieve her.

Make your illness known

On social networks, Pamelia regularly publishes videos, seeking to make known her rare and misunderstood disease. Now on TikTok, the #gigantomastia hashtag has 21.5 million views, thanks in part to Pamelia’s videos going viral. Surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reactions received, she said: “Of course you also get some weird rude comments, but for the most part I think it opened their eyes to what gigantomastia is.” Pamelia hopes only one thing “that people do research before giving an opinion on my appearance. It is uncomfortable and it is not easy to have gigantomastia”.

TESTIMONY My breasts keep getting bigger due to a rare disease


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