Kim Baker has lived through hell or almost… Deceived by her now imprisoned “best friend”, the forty-something told how she had made her believe in a false job which, as a bonus, forced her to cancel your marriage…

It is a deception from which she has not recovered as it has deeply marked her and changed her life. Kim Baker and Helen Dove were best, closest friends until one day Helen dangled her with a fake job.

Kim and Helen had met by chance. Helen had offered Kim a coffee on a freezing morning and their friendship had instantly taken off, Helen becoming, over time, a true member of the family.

Such a caring friend

Kim and Helen were so close that the 30-year-old even vacationed with Kim, 44, Phil, 46, and their children Shawna, 19, Zach, 18, Kendra, 15, Elise, 14, and Logan, 9 years old, in Devon. Kim had of course confided her dreams and her desires to her best friend and in particular her wish to work one day in a social service. To achieve this, the forty-year-old studied in the evening, trying to obtain a diploma in childcare. When Helen learned of this “ideal job”, the young woman convinced Kim to apply for a job with the children’s services department of Warrington Borough Council.

An absolute deception

Kim resigns from her job, which she has held for 17 years. But instead of the recruiter stood Helen who did not hesitate to invent 15 false colleagues to make her best friend believe that she had been hired. From a dozen fake accounts, she sent Kim thousands of emails, even asking him to manage staff rotations in order to make the manipulation tangible. However, months pass and Kim is still not officially hired, losing 60,000 euros in salary. Helped by her husband, Kim goes to Warrington Borough Council headquarters armed with a bank statement and discovers that no Helen Doves are employed there. Confronting her best friend, she finally receives a letter confirming that her contract has indeed been posted. Still suspicious, Phil and Kim go to the post office and demand to see the CCTV footage, revealing the sender to be none other than Helen and not a Warrington Borough Council official.

Shattered Lives

Devastated, paranoid and financially insecure, Phil and Kim are no longer able to afford Christmas presents for their children. Kim also comes to cancel her future wedding where Helen was to officiate as a bridesmaid. Arrested, Helen was unable to provide reasonable cause for this friendly scam. According to her lawyer, her behavior was due to a lack “of her own domestic unit, she was thirsty for this closeness and really wanted to help” Kim, but her plan had an unexpected “snowball effect”. “She didn’t know how to get out of the mess she had created and at the same time maintain their friendship,” commented Zahra Bagri, her lawyer. On the judge’s side, after a psychological evaluation that revealed nothing, he too expressed his incomprehension about this scheme, not accepting the “excuse” of wanting to “help” Kim and offer him a “family”. Helen was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison, admitting the charges of fraud by false representation.

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