Lauren Rigby and Chris McGregor had known each other since childhood. And for good reason, their respective mothers were very good friends. Growing up, the two Britons took separate paths but eventually found each other. They started dating in 2013, just a few months before the young man fell ill. The forklift driver was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Although 90% of the mass could be removed, the surgeons were unable to remove all the cancer cells. In 2016, they told her that her tumor had grown. Unfortunately, he did not survive. He died in July 2020 at the age of 37.

Prior to his disappearance, Chris wanted to have children with Lauren. The 30-year-old, who was already the father of a boy born from a previous relationship, therefore froze his sperm. Two years after his death, his wife gave birth to their son named Seb and conceived by in vitro fertilization. An adorable piece of cabbage who was born on May 17, 2022, at Liverpool Women’s Hospital. “As soon as Seb was born, I had this overwhelming feeling that Chris had passed him on to me from beyond. It’s no surprise, he was a big baby because Chris was tall. His physical features begin to take shape and I see more and more Chris in him“she tenderly confided to the Daily Mirror.

A birth full of emotions

Lauren explained that her delivery went wonderfully thanks to the medical team: “When the doctors learned my story, they let me post a picture of Chris, keep my wedding ring and a necklace which contained his ashes. It was very important to me. When he was born, Seb grabbed the necklace, it was just beautiful.” Today, the young mother continues to pay tribute to her late husband. According to her confidences, she still has four other frozen embryos and does not exclude the possibility of giving a little brother or a little sister to her son: “When he is three or four years old, it is something that I am seriously considering. .”



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