Last September, Britney Budhi was very surprised by giving birth to a very hairy baby. She has also given him a nickname that is not unanimous.

Britney Budhi is a fulfilled mom. On September 16, 2021, the young woman from Sydney, Australia, welcomed her first child named Teyana. Born by caesarean section three weeks early, the little girl was also very hairy. “I knew it was possible for babies to be born with a lot of body hair but I didn’t expect it,” the mother told the Daily Star. For the little information, this phenomenon is called a lanugo. This is a light down that covers the body of the fetus during pregnancy. At birth, these hairs cover the infant’s skin and protect it from external aggressions. However, they eventually disappear over time.

Surprised by the appearance of her daughter, Britney Budhi joked about it with her companion Tariq Ladhani on TikTok. “When she was born I made a joke that she looked like a little monkey. Some people thought my nickname was mean but I think it’s super cute. Even though she came out with two heads, she would have been the cutest baby in the world,” she said. A nickname that did not fail to divide the Web. Many Internet users have criticized the young woman. Others, however, came to her defense, pointing out that the nickname was clearly affectionate.

“People took it badly, it’s their problem”

Following her comment on the appearance of her toddler, Britney Budhi found herself at the heart of a small controversy on social networks. The 29-year-old hairstylist was quick to let it be known that she’d rather not worry about haters: “She was so cute. It’s true, she’s really cute. I got some hate for saying she looked like to a little monkey but there was so much going on in my life that social media was the least of my worries I just wanted to make it light and people took it the wrong way, that’s their problem .” That is what is said.


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