Impossible to imagine Josian’s horror and fear when her baby came out of her womb and landed headfirst on the floor of the reception room. Josian Marques Pereira, a Brazilian mother, had come to the Sofia Feldman maternity hospital in Brazil to give birth to her baby girl. According to The Sun, Josian had to wait 40 minutes in the hospital reception before being admitted to a delivery room. Sensing that her baby was making her way out, Josian reported the fact to the nurse.

The baby’s mother told the nurse that she couldn’t walk because she could feel the baby coming out of her womb. Despite everything, she says she still had to get up and walk. That’s when her baby came out of her womb. Head first, the baby finds himself on the floor of the reception. Olivia, Josian’s baby, was rushed to another hospital where she underwent surgery. According to Josian, her baby girl needed 11 stitches.

Baby survived despite severe head injuries

Olivia, Josian’s baby, was discharged from hospital on May 11, 2022. She survived her fall and the operation she had to undergo within minutes of her somewhat dramatic birth. Olivia’s release comes five days after her accidental birth. According to her mother, Olivia is doing well and an investigation has been opened following this incident. “We are focused on her, taking care of her and staying calm,” the mother said, according to The Sun.

Little Olivia © The Sun

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