Luke Ruehlman was only 2 years old when he started talking about his past life. Three years later, the little boy continues to claim that he is the reincarnation of an African-American named Pam. According to him, this woman died in 1993. A confidence that freezes the blood of her parents, who decide to question her. One day, the child confides in Pam. “He turned to me and said, ‘Well, that’s me. Well, that was me, but I died and went up to Heaven. I saw God and then he sent back to Earth. I was a baby and you named me Luke,” his mother, Erika, told Fox 2.

But little Luke doesn’t stop there. He tells his parents that he has already taken the train to Chicago but the family, who live in Cincinnati, Ohio, have never been there. “He used to say ‘When I was a girl I had brown hair’ or he used to say ‘I had earrings like this when I was a girl,'” Erika adds. Disconcerted by these precise details, the mother investigates on her side. After much research, she discovers that a woman named Pam Robinson was one of the 19 victims killed in a fire at the Paxton Hotel in Chicago in 1993.

Disturbing Similarities

In 2013, the Ruehlman family was approached by the producers of The Ghost Inside My Child, a show that relays the testimonies of reincarnated children. During filming, the crews test Luke by asking him to find Pam Robinson among other black women in their thirties. The boy identifies it without any hesitation. Bluffed, her mother Erika contacts Pam’s relatives to find out more about the deceased. She learns that her son and Pam share a common love for singer Stevie Wonder and the piano. Similarities that continue to fuel the thesis of reincarnation.

TESTIMONY My 5-year-old son claims to be the reincarnation of a woman who died in 1993


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