Annabel always knew she wanted to be a mom. Unfortunately, only three months after the birth of her little girl, she sees her die in her arms.

At the age of 25, Annabel marries Steve. Together they start trying to conceive a child and two later Annabel becomes pregnant. “I felt very good during my pregnancy, I had no morning sickness,” recalls the mother of the family to the Sun. On the day of delivery, not everything goes as planned. “The work was long and arduous.” But Annabel forgets everything, so happy to finally have her little Natasha in her arms. The couple then returns home with their infant, but one day in October 1987, everything changes.

She learns that her 3-month-old daughter is seriously ill

Natasha is 3 months old, and when her mother enters her room, the little girl is not well. “Her eyes were rolling back and she was shaking.” Annabel calls her doctor directly, who assures her that young parents often worry too much, and that babies are much stronger than we think. Still very worried, Annabel still goes to her doctor with Natasha, but he sends her home without any worries. The next morning, the little girl vomits and Annabel takes her to see another doctor. “He immediately got her a bed at Great Ormond Street Hospital because he thought there was something wrong with her brain,” the mother-of-one said. Natasha undergoes a battery of tests and when the doctors return to see Annabel, they are unanimous: her little girl is seriously ill.

After the death of her first baby, she becomes pregnant three times

Natasha remains on a ventilator in intensive care for several days. “I couldn’t sleep or eat,” says Annabel. On the fourth day, the doctors explain to her that her baby has already lost a large part of her brain and that she would have no quality of life. “We had to make the decision to take the ventilator off her. We put a dress on her, and four hours later she died in my arms.” For weeks, Annabel faces questions from those around her about her daughter. “It was incredibly difficult. My world had been turned upside down and I started thinking that I wouldn’t get pregnant again or something would happen to every child I had.”

A few months after her baby’s funeral, Annabel became pregnant with Nicholas, now 33. “He was my saviour. He gave me hope and helped me through my depression.” Two years later, Annabel gives birth to Lara, then a year later to Scarlett. “With each baby, I wanted to pass the milestone of three months, compared to the death of Natasha.” Today, Annabel is happy surrounded by her three children, even if she will never stop thinking about her little angel who left too soon.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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