At just 24 years old, Kristina Ozturk is the one hour mom of 22 children. Yes, you read correctly ! A number that could well grow over the years.

Kristina Ozturk, who lives in Batumi, Georgia, has always dreamed of being the head of a huge tribe. And the least we can say is that his wish has come true. After a first child from a previous marriage, the Russian blogger welcomed 21 babies thanks to surrogate mothers. Alongside her companion Galip, a wealthy 57-year-old businessman, she shares her lively daily life with her 218,000 subscribers on Instagram. “I’ve dreamed of it since my childhood. My husband also always wanted to have a big and happy family. So after we met, we started the machine,” she told Fabulous.

To raise her string of little ones, Kristina Ozturk spends 96,000 dollars (about 90,000 euros) a year for 16 nannies at home. These nannies, who work 4 days a week, each have their own rooms and a private kitchen. But despite this support, the young woman assures us that she is a very involved mother: “I am all the time with the children, and I do all the things that mothers generally do. The only difference is the amount of children. Every day is different. I can tell you one thing, my days are never boring. And yes, we have a special bond with every child.”

22 children and soon more!

Kristina Ozturk is not immune to criticism from Internet users. “Seriously, babies aren’t props”, “Honestly, what’s the point of having so many kids if you’re not the one raising them?”, “I understand having a nanny for a reasonable amount of kids (like 3 or 6) but 22 kids? Sounds very selfish,” her posts read. Fortunately, she can count on the support of her followers. Filled with happiness by her 22 offspring, the young mother does not intend to stop there. According to her confidences, she would seriously consider having a maximum of 105 children. To be continued.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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