How to manage daily life and finances being a mother of twelve children? Living on a farm in New Mexico with her 38-year-old husband Chris, Courtney Rogers had to make some choices to ensure her offspring a decent life.

As inflation continues to mount and hardship mounts, Courtney’s family tries to pull through with mom’s formidable budgeting skills and some concessions.

Strict rules

Courtney, Chris and their twelve children live on a farm: Clint, 12, Clay, 11, Cade, 10, Callie, 9, Cash, 8, Colt and Case, 7, Calena, 5 years old, Caydie, 4 years old, Caralee, 3 years old, Caris, 2 years old and Cambria 9 months old. To provide for the needs of the large siblings, Courtney does not hesitate to impose strict rules. For January, it has notably planned a “no-spend” plan prohibiting any purchase except basic food products.

Replenish Accounts

“The idea is to freeze spending after the holidays are over,” she told the New York Post. By this method, Courtney hopes to save enough after having spent, for each child, 100 euros in Christmas gifts. “That means not eating out or taking out,” she added. “Basically, you only buy groceries that you don’t have at home,” she continued.

No pleasure or luxury

But these are not the only concessions the family must make. Courtnety also prohibits any movie rentals, streaming or clothing purchases. “No outings that cost money and no fun purchases are allowed, such as toys and home decor,” she explained. On the menu level, “meatless Mondays” are introduced, favoring vegetarian meals, which are cheaper for the tribe.

Profitable savings

The family resides on a 12-acre farm where she raises pigs and chickens. Obviously, the latter contribute to their food supply. “This month, I’m trying to offer 31 different dinners using eggs and pork from our farm,” she revealed. “My goal is to fill up once a week in the store. However, we usually have at least one quick stop for more milk, bread and fresh produce,” she revealed.

Charity for others

Thanks to mom’s thrifty tricks, the family is still able to give to others. Thus, during the last Christmas, the clan had invited strangers to the farm to share a delicious homemade meal. “We had a traditional ham dinner on Christmas Eve and invited widowers and single people to join us,” she concluded. Benevolent impulses that they do not intend to stop.

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