The story is hardly believable, yet it is true. It is that of an American, Aimee Elizabeth, who participated in a well-known reality show in the United States called Extreme Cheapstakes, which can be translated as “The stingy of the extreme”. And if Aimee Elizabeth has been on the show, it’s for a very good reason. A multimillionaire, she prefers to eat cat food rather than human food in order to save her money. An attitude difficult to conceive which nevertheless earned him the nickname of “the cheapest millionaire in the world”.

Behind this choice is a logic of its own. When making sandwiches, especially tuna/mayo sandwiches, she prefers to use tuna cat food rather than real cans of tuna. Because even if the latter are not particularly expensive, they remain 30 cents more expensive than cat food. In a video from TLC UK, a relative of the millionaire made the painful experience of her friend’s stinginess while she was at home. When Aimee Elizabeth offered her a small tuna sandwich and she found the taste particularly strong, she was very badly surprised to see empty cans of cat food on the counter in her kitchen. Enough to make her understand immediately that what she had just eaten was not tuna…

A fortune amounting to 5 million euros

As the Extreme Cheapstakes video and show reports, food and more specifically tuna isn’t the only area where Aimee Elizabeth is making particularly impressive savings. Despite a fortune of 5 million euros, the multimillionaire continues to do everything she can to spend as little as possible. It is, for example, her ex-husband who regularly comes to clean her large house, which is, of course, very soberly furnished. Finally, Aimee Elizabeth pays particular attention to her water consumption, having installed a meter specifically so as not to have too much money to spend to pay her bill…

TESTIMONY. "Millionaire, I eat cat food to save money"

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