Single mother, Amy Jade raises her son alone since her husband was arrested and then placed in prison. Tired of the comments she hears regularly, the young woman wanted to reveal what the daily life of a prisoner’s wife looked like.

It is a daily life of married women as we rarely see and which, however, is the lot of many wives around the world. Amy Jade is one of them, of those who have to deal with a prisoner spouse.

On the social network TikTok, the young woman who regularly reveals the ups and downs of her couple, recently shared her daily routine with her subscribers.

From wife to single mother

Amy had become pregnant just six months after meeting her husband. Shortly after, he was arrested and put behind bars. It was more than two years ago but Amy has a vivid memory of this moment “It was like no other pain I have ever known”. Since then, Amy finds herself alone to raise her son, counting the days until his release. A difficult daily life that she describes as “full-time work”. To prove her words, she shared in her video, the course of a typical day.

A gloomy daily life

Every morning, Amy starts her day by making breakfast for herself and her son before sending her husband 42 euros so he can pay for his meals in prison for the week. The birthday of the mother of his spouse approaching, the couple were able to organize a video call the day before this celebration. In the absence of her man, it was Amy who was forced to organize her birthday party, buy the presents and take her mother-in-law to dinner. For the rest of the day, Amy filmed herself writing various letters and emails, including photos of their son, to keep her husband up to date on their lives. Receiving more than three million views, Amy’s video also raised multiple questions in the comments, with many people criticizing her relationship and asking her about the relevance of her relationship, “Why are you flexing? one questioned, while another noted, “I couldn’t be with someone who committed a crime.”

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