It’s a 19-year-old young woman answering under the pseudonym of Natalie who willingly spoke about the most horrible period of her life. Indeed, Natalie was the victim of human trafficking in the United Kingdom, according to Mirror. She was taken by force and locked in a room where she received electric shocks. She was also forced to have threesome sex daily. Besides these reports, she was also forced to sleep with nearly 16 men a night. “It was the most traumatic time of my life,” she said.

Now 27, Natalie was forced to do this sex work for 18 months. This in different cities across the UK, according to WalesOnline. “At the time, I didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation. It was a gang that kidnapped me and held me captive,” she said. “I was there for 18 months, it wasn’t just in this city, it was everywhere. It wasn’t in one place. I was in Liverpool for six weeks, I wasn’t allowed to go out, I was in a room. I think I went down south after that,” she added. “Sometimes I had sex 15 or 16 times a day, all day,” the insider continues. “I only got two hours of sleep a day and not even that. Me and my partner, we made us do stuff together and we made more money. I was forced to do threesomes and gang bangs. It was terrifying, especially the trauma,” she said.

“They did not imprison them, they are still free”

At the time, Natalie admits to having been addicted to cocaine. This is what plunged her into debt to then be under the control of her captors. “They had seen the amount of money I was spending on cocaine – I was addicted to coke. I was buying coke from them. That’s how I got involved in all this… I been sold to the sex trade…. I needed someone to find me,” she testified.

Despite returning to Wales, Natalie must live with the fear that the gang will find her. “They didn’t imprison them, they are still free,” she said. “They have been arrested but no prison sentence has been handed down. I am afraid that they will find me, I am petrified,” she added. She also confessed that because of this horrible story, she has long been in the grip of addiction to drugs and sex.

TESTIMONY. “Kidnapped by a gang at 19, I survived horrific sexual abuse” © Pixabay

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