Kicked out of her friend’s wedding, a young woman has decided not to let it go. As proof, she took the case to court and she won!

Julia (assumed name) was supposed to be one of her friend’s bridesmaids but nothing went as planned. The young woman also told her amazing story on Reddit. According to her secrets, everything changed when she cut her hair due to a health problem. She notified the future bride two weeks before the ceremony but never received a response. Three days before the reception, her friend kicked her out of her procession. More lifted than ever, Julia sent an invoice to reimburse her for her expenses. Faced with his radio silence, she launched a legal action.

“She told me I was unpredictable and selfish as I spent the last two weeks planning her wedding. I even threw a surprise party when her bachelorette party was cancelled. I spent HOURS helping her,” Julia said. And to add that she had asked for 656 pounds, or about 765 euros, from her friend. Three months later, the young woman won her case as the court ruled in her favor: “I WON! She has to pay me 656 pounds for the dresses and shoes I bought. The verdict will take effect on May 30 and I hope she doesn’t appeal. I’m VERY HAPPY and ready to close this chapter.”

The Web rejoices in his victory

At the end of her message, Julia also clarified that she was doing much better. In the comments, many internet users congratulated her for having stuck to her guns. “I’m very happy for you. You had to cut your hair for medical reasons and your ‘friend’ was more concerned with the vision of a perfect marriage than your health”, “I’m sure you would have put on a wig or extensions if you wanted. Instead, she fired you. It’s only fair that you get your money back,” “I’m glad you won in court and I hope you get paid. I wish you the best for you and your health, ”we could read under the publication.

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