Lydia Bird and Jaeden Lemelin met at the end of 2019. They were then 16 years old and, as often at this age, it is love-passion. Two years later, in January 2022, after having saved money, chained odd jobs and solicited their loved ones, the lovebirds, full of enthusiasm, reserve a trip to Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic, for the end of March.

But at this age, it’s already good when love lasts two years. And in February 2022, the young people are at the end of their story. “I ended up breaking up with him a month before the trip, testifies Lydia. There were a host of reasons but, fundamentally, our relationship no longer worked. We agreed on that and broke up on good terms. ” Both then wish to cancel their romantic stay in the sun. But upon calling the company she booked with – the aptly named Cheap Caribbean – Lydia discovers there is no way to cancel or reschedule their trip and that the tickets are non-refundable.

Some exes continue to live under the same, they can have a dream vacation together, right?

The young woman then says to herself that instead of her ex, she will leave with her mother. Except that the booking company informs him that he must then pay a big supplement. The young people are stuck: either they cancel and lose their stake, or they go together… despite the separation. “I really wanted this stay and Jaeden like me couldn’t bear the idea of ​​losing the money paid. But I was very hesitant, the breakup was so recent”, confides the pretty blonde.

Ignoring his reservations, the ex-couple finally decides to make the trip together, without sticking too much. Some exes continue to live under the same, they can spend a dream vacation together, right? “It was our first big trip, reports Jaelen. But from the outset, the difficulties began.”

In their room, they only had one big bed to share

Their outbound flight was delayed ten hours, forcing them to pass the time together at the airport. The two also confessed to having had to deal with awkward moments. Finally arrived at the hotel to find that their request for two separate beds had not been accommodated! In their bedroom, they therefore had only one large bed to share. They also had to deal with the constant insinuations of other vacationers, who wondered about this strange couple not a couple.

“We had to adapt to this dynamic of a separated couple, but together, on a paradise island”, comments Lydia. Sipping cocktails in a bathing suit on a dream beach, it was sometimes difficult not to dive back … On social networks, they were also asked if their relationship had started again. In a TikTok video seen 13 million times, Lydia denied, saying that they had decided, “no matter what”, to remain strictly friends. What happened in Puerto Plata stays in Puerto Plata!

TESTIMONY. "Just separated, we were forced to spend our holidays together"

Lydia Bird and Jaden Lemelin © INSTAGRAM LYDIA.BIRD

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