Six years spent together and yet, at 40, Luana Ribiera and her partner Alex have still not slept in the same bed. According to them, an ideal functioning from which other couples should even draw inspiration!

The secret to their idyllic relationship? Do not share the same bed. Since the beginning of their relationship six years ago, Luana Ribiera and Alex have never wanted to.

The 40-year-old, who lives in Anglesey in North Wales, says the arrangement has always suited them perfectly, from day one.

Everyone has their own pace

Luana has a very specific vision of love and life as a couple. For her, this honeymoon period of snuggling up to her partner every night is definitely not to her liking. Also, from the beginning of her relationship with Alex, she begins a frank and honest discussion to discuss how things would work between them. Luana, who runs her own PR firm, said she often finds inspiration early in the morning, which means she’s up and sitting on her laptop jotting down ideas at 2 a.m. morning. Also, not wishing to disturb Alex’s restful sleep, she finds it best that they retire to different rooms at night.

Together but separately

“In my previous relationships, when I said that I would like to have my own space, it was not well received,” she explained to the Mirror newspaper “Hearing that Alex was not offended and that he also wanted his own space was very sweet to my ears”. This vision of the couple may seem original to some, but, for Luana, all couples should function in the same way, claiming that it would strengthen their relationship. According to the 40-year-old, this arrangement allows her and Alex to be “well rested” all the time, which is not always the case for couples sharing a bed. In this way, she believes that arguments are also avoided, the partners cannot blame each other in case of bad nights and also avoid being in a bad mood when waking up. This nocturnal distance has another advantage, that of being “really excited” at the idea of ​​seeing it in the morning.

The challenge of parenthood

When Luana and Alex first became parents to baby Celyn, they weren’t sure if their arrangement would last long. However, again, Luana says sleeping apart from her partner has benefited them as new parents. Confident that most nights she and Alex put Celyn to bed together, she’s the one who stays available all night in case he moves. In the morning, Alex takes over, more than happy to get up early to take care of Celyn as he’s had a full night’s sleep. A team spirit!


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